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Thread: Peep control

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    If you wanted to expand the idea further you could implement you as a peep spending money, which, if fast track tickets are a thing, you can then buy, and whatever. If the idea is implemented It would be nice to pick between being a normal peep, VIP or even the park owner, each changing how other peeps react to you - like letting you skip them in the queue just because you are famous.

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    I think that would be way to complicated... both for the designers and for the player. I think the easiest way (invisible guest), would be the most realistic
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    keep this alive!

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    Perhaps in keeping this alive, we should hear if 1st person Peep view will be in the game, and then we can discuss how we want it developed. There have been numerous threads were the idea is requested. Most without thought to what it will entail, how it would play out, what the consequences could be.

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    well devs....what do you say? will you add it?

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    I strongly disagree with the invisible peep idea. This was a way of being a guest in a theme park that was used in games like Theme Park World and Sim Theme Park (Theme Park Inc). These games were made nearly 2 decades ago. Surely technology has advanced since then? If you're telling me there's been no breakthroughs technologically or software related in the last 15 to 20 years then quite frankly you're having a laugh.

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    On water rides the peeps should respond to getting wet; on RCT3 they get splashed and nothing seems to happen. And I'd love to see them come off their seats with Negative G forces. And maybe if you create a ride with too extreme negative Gs they should come flying out of their restraints

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    1st person should definitely be used by now.
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    time is fleeting!

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    That would be pretty cool to visit other people park as a vip with your own avatar also should be added to play in a maze. As a peep they should be limited
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