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Thread: Is nothing sacred with Disney?

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    Is nothing sacred with Disney?

    Been reading up on a few rumors about new IP branding at the Disney Parks. The big rumor suggests that both parks will be adding Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. The bad news is that management, in an effort to save a few million would rather upgrade (using term loosely) an existing attraction instead of creating something new. (see: Frozen overlay to Epcot's Maelstrom)

    This time around Disney is considering a GOTG overlay on both coasts. So...what attraction you ask is getting the boot? What massive fan favorite is being re-branded with Guardians of the Galaxy? Here's a hint... the attraction is both at Disneyland and Hollywood Studios.

    Want another hint? The attraction spawned a movie.

    Times up: If you guessed "The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror" you're correct. And likely as disappointing by this news as I. It's still a rumor right now. And while I would like to see more Marvel presence in the Disney Parks; Slapping an overlay onto a previous attraction isn't the best way to go about it. Tower of Terror is my FAVORITE ATTRACTION at Hollywood Studios. Kinda bummed about this tbh. Eh. We'll see if this pans out.
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    Man, I love that ride. I hope it is just a rumor!

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    Just a follow up. So it seems it's true. Well some of it. Guardians of the Galaxy will be coming to DisneyParks but not to the beloved Tower of Terror; at least not at the Florida park. Tower of Terror however will be getting the GOTG makeover overlay at Disneyland.

    New rumors suggest that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy might replace "Rock'n RollerCoaster" at Hollywood studios. With that park changing it's name an premise to "a celebration of the magic of movies" It would make sense to retheme the ride to Marvel property. Expect the on-ride soundtrack to feature Guardians of the Galaxy's "Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 1 and 2". No news on when it will happen and what will remain of Aerosmith's contribution to the attraction.

    UPDATE: Now I'm hearing rumours about possible Guardians of the Galaxy heading to Epcot. I'll update when I learn more.
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    Confirmed: Guardians of the Galaxy will be heading to Disney's California Adventure park. WDW's Hollywood Studio's park and it's Tower of Terror drop ride will remain untouched for the time being. In the video below; you can see concept art and a brief description of the Marvel Studios overlay by resident Disney Imagineering's ambassador Joe Rhode. Enjoy!?

    What are your thoughts?
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    What!?! The Hollywood Tower of Terror is one of my favorites U.U

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    The Design Looks Fantastic . i cant wait to see it . if u really want to be mad. go see what universal studios dose to their rides and shows. Go check the dumpsters and landfelds in California and Florida. ride is still the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magicart87 View Post

    What are your thoughts?
    My thoughts are whats going on with that blokes ear! Surely thats a health and safety issue, can you imagine that flying about while he is on a ride or something, he would rip part of his ear off surely!

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