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Thread: Community Wishlist for 2017 #1

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    As i mentioned in my first impressions topic:

    - flatride animations
    - option to disable motionblur effect on coasters
    - to be able to take a ride in other peoples parks that you subscribe to in the workshop

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    All i want is a mac version

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccfan007 View Post
    All i want is a mac version
    Last i heard (about 2 weeks ago) they were still working on it

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    Thanks all, updated post.

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    I would like to see reversable coasters. The best description of this would be the ride "The Bat' at Canada's Wonderland. This was a feature in RTC3.

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    My wish list would be:
    - More Flat Rides added for Free to the game
    - More Roller Coaster choices
    - Transport Rides (Train, Monorail, Chairlift)
    - More Shops/Stalls added
    - Water Rides (Rapids, Log Flume, Splash Down Boats, Bumper Boats, etc)
    - Take away the blurry vision when riding coasters
    - Add a Spooky Theme to the scenery and shops section, etc
    - Ability to change flat ride and food stall colors, etc.
    - Ability to add personal music files to rides, etc like in RCT3
    - Different Park Entrances and Park Entrance paths, etc
    - Weather added to the game
    - Prize Game booths, where guests can win prizes, etc

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    please add to that:

    - draggable and re-sizable info panels
    - the ability to drag the camera with your mouse
    - the ability to move the camera while certain info panels are open (for example finances)
    - an undo-button while building a coaster

    more to come...

    - curved queues
    - auto delete feature for trees and stuff while building
    - performance optimized interface! (doesn't matter which overlay or tool, such as building or bulldozing or heat maps, you activate, you always get a massive FPS drop)

    the longer i play, the longer this list gets...
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    I have another big but really important wish:

    Please speak with the community! React on these forum posts! Please let us know that you're actually reading these posts.
    (BTW: It's not really a reaction, then Nook is just saying that he talk to the developers about these wishes, or problems)

    And maybe the forum becomes alive again (remember the situation before EA? then another devlog was announced?)

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    The top priorities for me:
    - Ability to turn off (or reduce) motion blur

    - finish animations and AI of peeps.
    > have them walk into their seats, not teleport
    > they still clip each other, and scenery items
    > they walk jagged. When they have a destination, they don't really plan for it. Peeps seem to pick a position on the path and stick to it. So if they are on the right of the path and the ride they want is on the left, they won't curve or plan ahead. They just stick to the left of the path until they reach the ride, make a sharp left, and walk straight across the path. In real life, if I was on the right of a path and my ride was on the left, I would begin moving over ahead of time.
    > groups

    - more challenges.
    > I left my game running for about 2 hours while I ran some errands. I came back to $22,000. I was hoping that my absence would make me go bankrupt, I want to see a park get affected if you leave it unattended for so long. Peeps realize that nothing has changed so they start to get bored, or workers get distracted without you interference.

    I feel these are my top priorities. Yes, I want more features and rides, but the peeps need to be finished before the developers move on, and I want the game to actually require me to play it without leaving t alone in order to make progress.

    Lastly, I want regular updates. During Early Access (at least the beginning of it when I was paying attention, I stopped playing in July when my job got busy) we got constant regular updates. They were practically weekly. While I don't feel weekly updates are needed anymore, regular updates are. Atari and Nvizzio, you won't convince anybody that you still care about this game if you go a month or two without any updates or development blogs. We need to know you are still working on the game after release, and continually improving the game as you have promised. The game is so much better than when I last played it, I want the improvements to continue.
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    Okay, since my last post, which I wrote a few hours ago didn't show up in this thread (It was said that a moderator has to check this post before it is published. I really hope this is a joke, it smells extremly like censorship!), I try it again.

    For the future I have a really important wish. Not for the game, but for the community.
    I hope that the developers start to speak with the community about the game and the development itself and react directly to posts in this forum. For me it's not really a reaction just to say "we're reading what you're writing" or "I talk to the developers about this". And maybe is a better communcation with the people here the turning point for this game. I know you recieved much criticism & hate the last few months from the community or the press, but you have to be honest to your self. There is a lot of truth in the criticism and if you are starting to communicate and show us that you want the game to be good and not only good for your payment, then a lot of the hate will be gone (which I truly hope).
    And maybe this community will be more active (remember the time before Early Access?)

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