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Thread: Community Wishlist for 2017 #1

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    Community Wishlist for 2017 #1

    The Community Wishlist is the place to suggest, discuss on all the things you would love to see on this game.

    Wishlist Community #1

    New content:

    - Transport Rides (Top community preference) (Confirmed for Q1 2017) (LATE)
    - Water Rides (Top community preference) (Confirmed but no ETA)
    - Dark Rides (Top community preference)
    - Additional park entrances
    - More terrain textures
    - Scenery

    Update: (Post-Release Update #5 - Water Features!)

    New Game-play features:

    - Underground Building (Top community preference)
    - Recolor-able Attractions
    - Ride events / Triggers: adjustable particle effects, light effects, sound effects, animatronics (Top community preference)

    Game-play improvements:

    - Performance improvements (Top community preference)

    Update: POST-RELEASE UPDATE #3 – UNITY 5.4!

    - More AI improvements (Top community preference)
    - More peeps grouping up
    - Keep improving Animations


    - Make the Linux/Mac client available (For Developers: I have great experience using Linux, I might be able to test this for you, I also own a Mac)
    - Option to disable motion-blur

    Most likely never happening:

    - Ability to place entrance/exits


    Red: Requested features

    Green: A certain update added more feautures to the requested wish.
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