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Thread: Refund Please.

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    Refund Please.

    I gave this game a fair chance, I really did. It's no where near ready to be released and is just a bad bad game and reminded me why i never buy into early access. I would like a refund as soon as possible.

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    You cant have a refound because you dont like the game! if you dont like an album you cant have refund !even if it s the worst song!.... althought this song is awfull and hurt my ears!

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    For a refund request you would have to take this up with the retailer you purchased the game from in line with their refund policy.

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    I Purchased it here, nookriot said he would send the request to the "support team"

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    Im not requesting a refund because I didnt like the game, Im requesting a refund because I was lied to and misled.

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    You will need to look at your purchase confirmation which should have some sort of contact info I would expect. The forum rules for this forum state that it is for problems with order confirmations.
    I also think a public forum is not the correct place to be discussing refunds.

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