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Thread: Regarding the Dev Stream Earlier

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    Maybe we'll get some news Monday? Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPlayer01 View Post
    Hopefully they will show us some pictures soon!
    How are they going to show us a picture of something that does not exist?

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    I sense a mountain of refunds coming, again. Because yet again Atari are willing to release an unfinished product. Just because of Frontier releasing Planet Coaster. Seriously, how old are you people? 8?

    RCTW has too many things that should be in the final release that just simply are not there. And as we saw during the stream, the game its self is still riddled with bugs, glitch's and things that just don't work as they should. For example the first one I noticed in the stream was a glitch with the pathing system, which Silent VERY quickly brushed off and moved on to doing something else.
    I am extremely disappointed about all of this. And if I'm to be completely honest, if I had brought this through steam and not a 3rd party site, I have a feeling I would be applying for a refund come release date due to us NOT getting the product that was promised upon its full release and the development team and publisher appear to not give one iota about its customers. They ARE NOT giving us what we want or should have but instead, as some predicted, they are rush releasing it with lots of features missing and still, I'll say, Broken.

    Defend these people all you want but this "update" looks like it wont change how the game plays. The new UI we should have had a LONG time ago. How many months did you guys say you've been working on a this new build? The game its self is still the same, lackluster graphics, choppy peep animations, glitchy paths, buggy PxP, I could carry on but there is no point, because as normal they WILL NOT and DO NOT listen to the community.
    The community wanted a game that performs good, has the things we were promised and more optimization on the peeps (A.I, Modelling and Animation). Many of us even asked you NOT to rush release and fix the game first too.

    And what do we get -

    From what I saw on stream all we are going to get is a new UI, more maps and new models for the peeps.

    Wow, you really do listen to the community don't you.

    I have 970 Hours in this game and from what I have seen I really don't know if will get to 1k hours. I hope to be wrong but if the performance issue's haven't been resolved and there are still too many bugs and stuff, well, expect to see me streaming more of PC and less of RCTW. Because I will not support a company that doesn't support its customers.

    I do however wish good luck to Nvizzio in their future endeavours. Because Atari are ruining their reputation before they even have one. You can clearly see the work Nvizzio have done in RCTW because the stuff they have added looks good, its just the rest of the game that's bad, which just so happens to be the majority of it. If only Atari would have Nvizzio start from scratch, I feel we would have the game that we all know we should have.

    Again I really do hope that the performance issue's have at least been resolved. At least this way people will actually be able to play the game. Performance has ALWAYS been the KEY issue with RCTW and why the majority just don't play it and bad review it. If this problem persists come release I can see the future of RCTW being very dark. And subsequently increase the number of people buying PC and permanently losing potential customer's of RCTW.

    And a +1 too this too

    Quote Originally Posted by Theme Park Games View Post
    As a public relations expert and someone who has kept an open mind on RCTW, I think it is a terrible idea to release it in its current state. There are many problems with their announcement of releasing it one day before PC:

    1) The game is not finished. Content promised to be there won't be there. No transport rides. No dark rides. No water rides.
    2) By trying to "one-up" PC by releasing a day early, you lost a ton of respect. Instead of people talking about the release of RCTW, they are talking about what a childish and poor move it was. This took the wind out of your release of the game.
    3) By releasing it one day before PC, you are going to see a ton of YouTube "RCTW FINAL vs. PLANET COASTER FINAL" and guess what. People will be showing transport rides for PC and a blank map for RCTW. They'll show water rides on PC and a blank map for RCTW. They'll show dark rides and ride triggers for PC and a blank map for RCTW. You have invited a TON of negative publicity by your release date choice and what will be available in this "final" version.
    4) Had you finished the rides/elements needed for a real final version and released it in 2017 you would have had your own fanfare. It would have been RCTW day. You wouldn't have the wind knocked out of your sails.

    You really need a public relations expert guiding you on this journey.

    The stream was a disaster when compared to the "reveal" stream of PC. And that's because you didn't have a lot to show with the rush to get the game out one day before PC. Instead of really planning it out, setting up in a nice studio, having professional videos to share, etc. it looked rushed and unorganized. The theme park game groups on Facebook were making fun of it.

    Start putting the gamers first and not your competition with PC. Forget about PC and focus solely on RCTW and excellence within the game. Start embracing bloggers/streamers and treat them like royalty. There's so much you CAN do that you're NOT doing because your focus is in the wrong place.
    1 - Possible refunds being handed out
    2 - I agree completely
    3 - And I will be one of those people
    4 - Again, I agree.

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    At the End of stream, i was talking to somebody from the Studio or team in the chat. I had asked about custom coloring other things in the game. Like Flat rides, Coaster Vehicles and Staff/employees uniform like we had in the previous rct titles.

    They told me, do to the direction they took and worrying about the design. They will Not be giving us The ability to choose custom color/are own colors on Flat rides, Coaster Vehicles and Staff/employees uniform . Witch means right now everybody is going to have the same colored flat rides and coaster vehicles and staff.
    Last edited by Akydo; 11-12-2016 at 11:27 PM.

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    Delay it another 2 years and make a professional game developer redo the whole game.

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    Once again zero feedback from Atari, do they care anymore?

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    Are we getting an update today? Some pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPlayer01 View Post
    Are we getting an update today? Some pictures?
    I dont know that is a very good question tho.

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    Perhaps the new trailer? Can't use the old one anymore...

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    When I saw the term "RCTW 1.0" i just...

    They're taking it for the next step
    but not really getting out of E.A. LOL

    Because I don't know how u can say you're releasing something "final" if you'll just keep updating and getting more stuff for free then. It makes no sense (Specially on this "Industry" where Money is the reason it exists).

    They just want more sales, but as long as the game keep growing like it seems to be on the way... I'm "ok". I mean... it shouldn't get worst.

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