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Thread: RCTW – Early Access – Dev Blog #19: Release Date!

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    Is there a nuclear explosion happening inside the candy shop!! And this is considered ready for release! What about the missing content... Transport rides, water rides, weather, etc....? I'm holding you to this list of promised free content as that's what the game was sold on. If we don't get it, I'll be looking for my refund.

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    Candyshop! Is it possible to enter it??

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    what happened to the beta we were promised when coming out of EA or was that a lie to just like every thing else.. and what happened to us being able to make tunnels and waterfalls.

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    they are talking about pushing the game out next week.. come on now give me a brake the paths still need to be worked on
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    I am not able to join tonight when the build is shown, but I'll check the forums when I can.
    I'll reserve my judgement until then.

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    Just really really worried. Because for me it s too early to go out EA. Too much work again .And honestly i will certainly be sad and desapointed.! And now if i m wrong it will be a very good news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sofresh5 View Post
    What comes next?

    Our planned feature list is HUGE! Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the FREE updates to look forward to in the coming months:

    • Piece-by-Piece Custom Built Structures
    • Scenario Editor
    • Mini-rides and Dark Rides
    • Additional scenarios
    • Transport Rides
    • Fence Builder
    • New and expanded decoration themes
    • Additional Flat-rides
    • Weather
    • Custom music
    • New Rollercoaster types

    We will of course also be working on performance and user experience improvements, graphics updates, major as-yet-unannounced functionalities, and improving the base game in coordination with you all.
    Blog 30

    And remember – this is only the beginning for RCTW! We’ll be rolling out FREE and paid DLC over the coming months, along with continued optimizations and improvements.

    Nice memes can I get my refund now?
    Still waiting on these things!
    Hope that the quality of the game (performance, graphics) is much better since the last update. I hope so, but I'm not sure.

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    Will be watching the stream this evening 7pm in the UK.
    Hoping to see major improvements, no crashing and most of the announced features and content promised.
    Like Forgath, I will reserve my judgement until I see the stream.

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    Releasing a day before Planet Coaster won't save this.

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    All the best for Steven / Silent0siris when he's going to stream the game.

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