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Thread: Important - Blueprint Saving Reminder & Guide

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    Important - Blueprint Saving Reminder & Guide

    Hello Everyone!

    We wanted to take a minute to reiterate something we mentioned from last week’s blog. As we transition out of Early Access we want to encourage all current players to save blueprints of their coasters, PxP items and grouped elements, and other creations. Any item you save as a blueprint will be saved as we transition from Early Access to full release, but due to the massive progression and technical updates coming to the full release, your saved games from Early Access will not carry over to the full release version of RCTW.

    To make sure you back up your PxP, Coasters, and other creations, follow the attached guide. Make sure to start backing up your work now!
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    Make sure to start backing up your work now!
    Many thanks, that PDF is handy.

    Does this mean that full release is coming that soon? Could we please have an update on this?
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    Think we know it's a matter of days or maybe a week or two before release. Perhaps they're just waiting to see what they're up against over the next few days before making a final decision?

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