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Thread: RCTW – Early Access – Dev Blog #18: Big News!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sev7777 View Post
    Other than the hopes of a ton of flat rides, transport rides, water rides, more stalls, etc... my only concern is with the progression or mission mode. So if some of us finish these missions and unlock the scenery, and we share some of our own creations using this unlockable scenery in the UGC, that means the person who is downloading it must also have the exact same scenery unlocked?

    IMO that just ruins the sandbox mode for me. I like the idea of maybe rides being unlocked, but to me, the scenery is going to be a weird situation if you dont specify to the person downloading the UGC, what mission needs to be completed before that UGC is fully functionable.
    I would think you could share a sandbox park with anyone perfectly fine. Sandbox parks have unlimited money and I would imagine all rides and scenery are unlocked, unlike the campaign mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    Nicely said JMR - Love the look of the progression board and menus - at last we can maybe actually read the names of workshop items.
    But still too many things being glossed over from that list..
    OMG! Another Beaker
    Looks great, looking forward to it!!!!!

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    Also, my opinion is that it should look a bit like RCT3, after all it's the next evolution
    of the RCT Franchise.
    Albeit 12 years later. I have / love Planet Coaster, but these are different beasts.
    PC is not based on the RCT Franchise but RCTW is.
    Just my opinion.

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    this is what they said in the article that concerns me though.

    As you complete these missions, you’ll be granted Research Points, which can then be used to unlock over 100 new scenery items. Those items will then be available for you in the Sandbox builder. Along with the core Sandbox building experience, this new progression system gives players a whole new way to interact with RCTW. We can’t wait for you to try it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathtome View Post
    IKR its amazing how its just a copy cat game of RCT games yet it gets all the praise that it does
    So much praise that Nvizzio is copying it. But that's ok with you, innit?

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    I personally could care less about scenarios!
    If you have to play through all scenarios to open all the content in the Sandbox Builder, you'll lose me once again (not that you already haven’t)
    Get it right for everyone that plays the game or just give up!

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    Atari, you guys have truly outdone yourselves. This is amazing and I can't wait till the game comes out of Early Access. Thank you for listening to the fans. Perhaps this game might be the best RCT game yet!?

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    Peeps version 2 and fireworks, I do see fireworks...

    That is cool! One of the best feature I love to use, bring it on!

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    And nothing was mentioned here about making tunnels and having roller coasters and path's going through the tunnels and nothing was said also about making Rivers and waterfalls
    Last edited by jdavies; 10-31-2016 at 05:44 PM.

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    Just a point of clarification regarding sandbox and sharing parks

    Currently when you share a park the user that doenloads it can visit but notnedit the park.

    Also Nvizzio confirmed that there will be a Free Play mode for sandbox with everything unlocked in a post within the Theme Park Simulation Games Facebok group last night:
    # OWNER POST #

    #RollerCoasterTycoonWorld NEW GAME INFORMATION

    After my recent post about the words said by RCT World I have been contacted by NVizzio and told they are in fact not correct. This was argued by me as I do believe the details didn't match the new details given.

    However. This is new RCTW information direct from NVizzio.

    'RCTW will have a Story Mode and a Sandbox Mode. Since it is rewarding for some players to unlock items in Story Mode, to then be able to use them in Sandbox (not in a scenario). We are offering a sandbox mode that is tied into our story mode and progression system.

    That being said, we understand some players do not want to play Story Mode at all and do not want progression. Therefore, we offer a Sandbox : FREE PLAY MODE. In this mode, the players can play a full sandbox mode with all assets unlocked from the very start.

    We offer both possibilities, for all kinds of players to enjoy the game.'

    Whist I did argue my case about the original post I'm happy to post this from NVizzio as RCT is a game we want to succeed. The negativity towards the game is, what I feel justified as I must say when we praise it or any other game members do not complain. Critiquing a game is our right as buyers. While my words do not represent the words of all the memebers here, I will not stop being honest about a game as this is my view. While this upsets some of you, please understand that we welcome any lovers of theme park games. If you take negativity as being influenced then you may be looking too much into that and should accept everyone's views do not match your own.

    I've said countless times that I wish RCTW to be a success but if it is not the games the fans want and the quality we deserve, if we part with our own money, why should we accept it?

    - Chris (Co-Owner/ Admin)

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