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Thread: Hi all - come discuss RCTW in a spam free environment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathtome View Post
    I find it very funny when I ask you to leave me alone you dont, so what make you think i will do the same. You have attack me and my views on this matter countless times.

    Yes people have played the game but most of those people haven't played it in a very long time and they are also misguided in that they are only following what the majority is say and most of them are mislead but their fan-ism of frontier. Steam reviews mean nothing if you want to know if a game is good or not for yourself then you must play it for yourself.

    This is my last post here as it pretty clear you just don't understand how these forums work and want to troll it for fun.

    Welcome to my ignore list buddy. Any more comments made about me or towards me will be reported as harassment.
    I find it funny that you've always got to have the last word.
    "Whats makes you think i'll do the same" I don't know, you're a grown up aren't you?

    People don't need to buy and play the game again, they can look at Youtube videos to see how terrible a game is.

    If I wanted to troll people, I'd start calling a game a copycat wouldn't I? to antagonize people and annoy them, or tell others not to listen to others and feed them false information.
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