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Thread: Coaster makes game crash

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    Coaster makes game crash

    I am having trouble when I press to find a coaster. It even crashed on me just as the logo showed when trying to get into the game. Anyone else having this problem????

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    Hello @osudenny, could you please share your PC config and the log files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gssupport View Post
    Hello @osudenny, could you please share your PC config and the log files?
    Why when I did I never got a reply of why and how to correct the problem. I just gave then a heads up what they do with it is up to them. I've made suggestion and reported bugs just like everyone else. With all this informmmmmmmmmmation that we gave you when you got the logs and my Disx. I feel like they just got pushed under the carpet so to speak

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