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Thread: System Crash when I either Test or Open Hyper Coaster

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    System Crash when I either Test or Open Hyper Coaster

    I have been building myself a brand new Sci-Fi themed park and thus far have had no real issue's. This was until I built a Hyper Coaster. The actual initial build of the Hyper Coaster was fine and it let me build with no problems. But, now the track is complete I need to test it, this is where my problem lies. I have tried multiple times now either to "Test" the ride or even just straight "Open" it, but every time I do my whole computer will crash and normally have to press the RESET button on the front my tower. Yet if I leave the Hyper Coaster alone and keep it closed without trying to "Edit" it or anything the game will run as normal.
    I have provided a link to the Save File, Log file and DxDiag.
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