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Thread: Ships and Islands

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    Quote Originally Posted by skankhunt42 View Post
    aha so you found with your android a little trick , great

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    Hahaha no, just like ive said, money is the key. I wasnt lying about the 228 million

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    Is this you Andre?? i think we are in the same 200 this time

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    Quote Originally Posted by skankhunt42 View Post

    You have to refresh al the time by switching to your mainpark and the betting game. Its a connection bug. Or bet constantly on your ship. Then it says "seems like somebody allready over bet you".

    The most important thing is money. I have 225 million hahahaha i cant losw that game. So if you see a skankhunt42, dont wast your money.

    Can you explain more about how to do this hack? Are you saying you place a bet and then refresh by going to your main park and back to the betting area?

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