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Thread: Ships and Islands

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    Ships and Islands

    What are the ships and islands all about? I see them when I open the world map. I've tried to find a guide for the mobile version but have been unsuccessful.

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    Ships and Islands

    my previous post is gone.. two questions..

    1) how does somebody re-direct my ships after they're already on the way to me? it's happened twice

    2) how does somebody get peeps without getting a ship? I see it all the time, on the leaderboard

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    you bid up the number of peeps and/or money, hoping nobody outbids you.. the real goal is the accumulated peeps, in the 48 hour period, because the top three get ticket awards.. it's the only way to get a big ticket payout without buying them

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    i feel you bro.

    1) Think there must be a bug lost so many ships/money because of that.
    I dont know how it works.

    2) It happen if you were taken some ships on the last event but times run out before they gettin into your harbor
    So you get some adds on next event without doin anything. Think its a bug too but i dont know. Just figured out.

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    @ greensr3 I exeperienced exactly the same ! I think it has to do with some connection prob, you think you have the ships but its not so.
    Besides that I don't bid anymore it's almost impossible to get on nr 1 , 2 or 3. And offcourse you do need a lot of "money" and there are some peeps who are bidding continue, it's not worth .

    Its also possible that RCT itself in shifts for 8 hours are bidding so you never win
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    Ive you have a friend who also won ships at their game, you will get some of their boats. How bigger the boat the more you get. Ive won this contest more then 10 times. My friends won by my work. Without even 1 boat hahahaha. The biggest ship i ever won was like 50000 peeps and 5 million coins. My friend got like 5000 passengers without doin a thing. And it doesnt affect your own game. Its just a extra.the fun thing was he had 0 boats and he ended up first. The second place had over 30 boats xD

    You have to refresh al the time by switching to your mainpark and the betting game. Its a connection bug. Or bet constantly on your ship. Then it says "seems like somebody allready over bet you".

    The most important thing is money. I have 225 million hahahaha i cant losw that game. So if you see a skankhunt42, dont wast your money.
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    Yep it's al about money and don't go to sleep
    However is it really worth? I dont need the tickets and what does it cost to get on nr 1, haha. Better is to bet on the lower boats,then you often will get in the top ten
    And indeed with a friend its much easier. And its also funny (bug?) when you dont bid at all you can get a lot of passengers with 0 ships also, strange this is, maybe something to do with adding friends? or and sharing coasters? From now on I spent my money to send friends a gift, more fun however this wil be every time more expensive, every gift cost me now 4300 coins.....
    Happy bidding

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