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Thread: Error on roller coaster ride

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    Error on roller coaster ride

    I drive my roller coaster and suddenly depends on the simulation. Shortly afterwards the FPS goes to 1 and then I get an error.
    Where can I send the error file?

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    Go to thr early access sub forum and you will find a bug tracker. Log a report in there

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    Thank you.
    I just saw that my Ram is suddenly full. But when I look at the task manager in processes, I can not find a process that has done this. RCT World has only about 400mb in the ram at the error, otherwise about 1.5 GB. I just do not know where the error can lie.

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    How much RAM do you have? Game does randomly spike RAM at times

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    I have 6 GB- DDR3 1600Mhz

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    I think I've solved the problem. I have in Windows 10 the schweisstart in the energy mode and turn off the PC. Now the error is no longer there. So until now

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    Yeah the game says 6GB minimum but ive had it using almost 5GB just to launch. Id recommend closing any unnecessary programs prior to launching just to limit possibility of crashes

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    So with me the game needs a maximum of 1.6 GB Ram and never 5 GB.

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    Have you monitored the RAM usage throughout the booting and playing?
    To be fair to NVIZZIO that huge amount of RAM usage was before last weeks update which had a number of performance enhancements and not monitored since the update

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    So with me and with my brother there since February with each update only lost of the achievement and never an increase.

    Yes I have the RAM monitored. This problem is since last week update.
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