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Thread: TycoonFury how do you get paid dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxman View Post
    The real problem is that if they updated the recommended specs, then no computer would be able to match it. There are people who have tried this game with a 10-12core haswell-e/broadwell-e, 32gigs of ram and titan x, but still the game runs poorly as soon as you get thousands of guests.

    The AI is just completely broken and I bet nothing will ever fix it other than a complete rewrite of the AI pathfinding.
    This is what I am hoping for!

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    My goodness me, deathtome. How many times are you going to keep making such ignorant arguments about Planet Coaster and Frontier Developments? It's been quite clear for a while now that your logic is flawed, which has been repeatedly proven in other threads including this one, and you never put any effort to prove us wrong. Please, just drop it already. Need I remind you received a warning for the very same discussion in the past.

    This is a video by deathtome from an older build of RCTW. The first 50 seconds of the video with 717 peeps and maybe 1 or more filled park tiles shows the game running at 15-17 fps (top left of the video), which is at least playable, but definitely not smooth. When he switches on screenshot mode (looks like it disables most of the shadows), the game runs at 30 fps. I suppose people will think this is acceptable as smooth, especially since a lot of console games run at this frame rate. When he starts a new park, the game runs at 45 fps, but of course the park is empty. I think most people will agree that 45-60 fps is considered "smooth" for PC games nowadays.

    deathtome, if you believe that recording gameplay will hinder your performance so much, then can you tell us what fps you're getting with perhaps that same park, but 2500 peeps instead?

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    You know death tome is right. PC is a copy of rctw. Same as cities skylines was a blatant rip off of Sim city. But they share one thing that sets them apart from the other. One is leaps and bounds better than the other. Each you can tell was made with passion and the love for the genre not some souless cash grab. yes there was/are passionate developer backing the games. but the producers always have to screw things up for everbody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathtome View Post
    You say Atari is the filth and scum of the publishing world, yet Frontier is just copying rct games and renaming it, just to make a quick buck. LAWD I think you are a little confused on who is the real filth and scum of the publishing world

    lol I knew that no man's sky was a mess before it even came out. I saw the interviews and was like ya he is totally over hyping it and I knew just from that not to make any plans to buy the game.

    Atari and nvizzio already know my specs.
    Atari is pure garbage in the gaming world for many reasons, and if you actually look into Frontier, they are by far one of the most honest and amazing development studios around. In fact, Atari didn't make any RCT game, they are just the publisher, so all they did was fund it. Chris Sawyer was responsible for making RCT and RCT2. Frontier did the DLC for RCT2, and completely developed RCT3 and it's expansions. They also developed the Thrillville games, Coaster Crazy, and Screamride, so they have plenty of theme park sim games under their belt. Also, Atari still owes Frontier money for royalties on RCT3, but they can't afford to pay them since they are nearing bankruptcy. That is also why they went with smaller studios for World, because Frontier is now a AAA studio on it's own that requires a budget that Atari couldn't afford. Atari was also in legal trouble for some time with Chris Sawyer over unpaid royalties, but that has been resolved.

    With this newfound knowledge, would you still say Frontier is the scummy company here? Or that they just 'copied' RCT, even though they literally made the last successful one, and several other games of their own? Atari has been going down this path for a long time, it's nothing new. Honestly, I feel bad for Nvizzio in this situation, because they likely took the contract thinking they were getting a major breakthrough game for their small studio, only to get screwed around by Atari.

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    Anyone thinking that a screen capture program is going to have any significant impact on how well your game runs has clearly never used one before. For a quick example, Planet Coaster runs on my computer at about 50 FPS with a decent sized park and maybe 6000 guests. When I'm using Open Broadcast Software to record my gameplay, the same game file will run around 45 FPS smoothly. When I try to play RCTW without recording on and around 1000 guests in the park, I can only get about 20 FPS max, with stuttering every few seconds. It's not completely unplayable, but there is no reason it should running that badly when I can play other Unity based games at 50-60 FPS that have higher resolution textures and more detailed models.

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    Pay no mind. Death is just trolling again. It was time. He pulls this every month or two, and it garners the EXACT SAME responses.
    Just report him, and we can all move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitter Jeweler View Post
    Pay no mind. Death is just trolling again. It was time. He pulls this every month or two, and it garners the EXACT SAME responses.
    Just report him, and we can all move on.
    What? Report the only real reason any of us ever come here anymore? His irrational, yet uncompromising, devotion makes for comedy gold. Please don't ban him!

    Let's be honest. Our hopes and dreams for this game have long since been chucked in the bin. I imagine most of us have been on the train heading for Planet Coaster months ago.

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    Just something posted on the other forum...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dionysus View Post
    Just something posted on the other forum...

    spot on sir. spot on.

    although there should be corpses of Area 52 and Pipeworks Software should be hidden in that pile of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathtome View Post
    Just compare them side by side its pretty easy to see that Planet Coaster is just a copy of rct games. tho I'm sure you already know this and dont want to admit it.
    Here you go, you might want to apply.

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