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Thread: My first try with the Piece by Piece builder

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    My first try with the Piece by Piece builder

    I've had RCT3: Platinum for a long time, but this actually the first time I sat in front of my computer and thought: "Ok, let's make something good with this game". Although I know it isn't anything really good, I am really proud of it because it was my very fisrt attempt. The first screenshoots are the station of the roller coaster, which I think is called Shattered Glass.The other ones are from the entrance of the park, which I have decided to call "Fancy Mountains" , a really simple building. I used the in-game pieces for the entrance, and the Shy's Mainstreet and Alpine sets, which are so awesome. I hope you like it.

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    This is another screenshoot I had taken before.Shot0169.jpg

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