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Thread: ugc filter

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    ugc filter

    Hi .

    It s really time to add filters like pxp for ugc ! And improve again interface! thx .

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    Sorry to re up the thread! hope an answer

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    I support your suggestion Hupulups

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    While we are at it an enable/disable all for the my content and my subscriptions tabs would be awesome

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    Aye, a very good point indeed Beaker86

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    I would like to know how do you get them enabled I selcted the key enable and it does nothing

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    What seems to be the issue? Can you walk me through what happens? I understand that you are enabling them in the menu but what happens next? Where in the game are you trying to access the UGC items?

    The more info I have, the more I can help (Screenshot would also be very helpful if you can grab them).

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