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Thread: Freezes at Building park

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    Freezes at Building park

    I have had a lot of problems downloading this game. So I finally got it to load and the black screen is gone, now it loads, I select a park to build and then it goes to 100% then says building your park and freezes??? I have not played this game yet

    I have windows 10, 64-bit

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    Hi nicole and welcome to the forum.

    Please could you log this under the Early Access Bug Tracker?
    include which game mode(s) you were trying to load, the game log from C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Nvizzio Creations\RollerCoaster Tycoon World\Logs and your DXDiag so that the devs can check everything over.

    Any questions send me a PM

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    Just saw your bug report thread - try to add the other information it will help them diagnose the problem.

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    I will say this the Nixon creates I deleted per the black screen thread I'm getting the other info now

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    C:\Users\Nicole K\AppData\LocalLow\Nvizzio Creations\RollerCoaster Tycoon World\Logs

    2016-09-24 04:08:14,187 [1] ERROR - Backend:Bundle file does not exist:
    Tons of this

    Is that all you need?

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    I'm not a dev just a player lol but if you could attach the entire log file to the bug report it will help them
    Also the DxDiag will let them know exactly what your specs are

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    Oh ok thank you!!

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