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Thread: No-Entry Path Gate and Signs...

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    No-Entry Path Gate and Signs...

    I am not able to rotate the exit only signs or the no entry gates....

    And the peeps do not pay attention to them either, not sure if this is a bug or what... but it would be nice to be able to rotate so that they face the correct direction...


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    They do rotate but you need to persevere a bit to get them to do so.
    The exit signs guests have never taken note of but there was a bug recently (dont know if its been fixed) where the peep AI saw the no entry gates as back to front so would go through the side with the sign but not pass through the other way. There is also a delay between placing them and the peeps reacting to them due to the way the AI works - if a peep has decided to go down a path before you place the no entry gate they will finish that journey regardless. It's a bit like in Cities:Skylines when you place a new road to ease congestion it takes a while for the traffic to catch up with the new road layout as the cars wont alter their course

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    i've found if you "rotate them" while not snapped on your path point, your can see the gate/signs rotating, then when you see it's the right direction, move over to where you want it and it should plop down the correct way

    And yes, the peeps STILL ignore the no entry signs but obey the gates (provided they haven't already decided to walk that path before you place the gate)

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