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Thread: A Letter to Developers and Creative Team

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    A Letter to Developers and Creative Team


    I feel compelled to write to you and thank you for the ups and downs that has been the development of the game so far. I am very happy with the way things are shaping up in the game and the endless improvements that you have made both visually and performance wise.

    I could list all the things I personally would like to see you guys do to this game but I will save those for the forum. I have felt at times that RCTW has got a lot of bad press and negative comments on social media. I have played over 195 hours of the game and I have enjoyed every minute. Yes I have experienced crashes and the game not doing things what I would like it to but as a creative person myself I can see there is one huge task ahead for you guys to get to the point where this game is ready to be released.

    I am not interested in the politics of how or why or the wherefores this game has taken to get to this stage all I see is you guys listening to the constructive feedback and responding.

    I have played RCT3 for several years and already I can see a huge jump in graphics and the 3D modelling from that game back then. I would however like to see the quirkiness and comedy of the original game and of course that element of realism in textures, lighting and sound from the real world. At the moment the tracks on the rollercoasters look a little plastic and fake to me but I am sure you can add some textures and worn details that you have shown in the design of the flat rides.

    I am not a game designer or a developer but I can see there is much coding to be done as well as art work to be created along the way. Now educate me a bit here but I am sure once you have the coding in place textures and the sense of realism can be added at a flick of a switch, well in a manner of speaking. I am sure it is a bit more difficult than that.

    I am not one for motivational speeches as you can tell but all I ask is that you keep on at the game and improving it. In say a years time I am sure the game will have a much different look and appeal and will be ready. I will be here every step of the way as much as I can and I look forward to what is to come.

    Please please share with us some more visions and visuals of what we can expect because to be honest you have no reason not to share with us your hopes, dreams and ideals for the look and feel of the game.

    I hope you make some more videos and development streams so we can get a proper insight on what the future may hold for this game. I am sure you have tones of artwork you can share and you don’t need to be secretive.

    Not everyone may appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting in and have done to get it to this stage but I do.

    So please please please keep that passion and enthusiasm going as there is some of us that are very much supporting your journey.

    Yours Very Respectfully


    (In the United Kingdom)

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    Nice thread, although would be better if it was in the General Discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faceless252 View Post

    I have played RCT3 for several years and already I can see a huge jump in graphics and the 3D modelling from that game back then. I would however like to see the quirkiness and comedy of the original game and of course that element of realism in textures, lighting and sound from the real world. At the moment the tracks on the rollercoasters look a little plastic and fake to me but I am sure you can add some textures and worn details that you have shown in the design of the flat rides.
    I know your disdain for Planet Coaster, but a lot of what you described can be found in that game, which is also created by the original developers of RCT3 (you probably already know that).

    Here is a few screenshots that I think show the realism in textures and lighting you described, as well as coasters having a steel feel to them:

    I would post more but I don't want to clutter the page. There's also plenty of hi-resolution pictures and videos you can find elsewhere on Google or YouTube. I'm not too sure what you mean by quirkiness, but the comedy is definitely present with Frontier's stellar animations for guests, mascots, and even mechanics! Although, this might not be the type of humor or quirkiness you were talking about.

    You mentioned in another thread about dark rides not being dark. Frontier have already expanded on this with their Cobra Engine which is shown nicely in this video:

    Finally, you mention sound from the real world. This video covers that perfectly with their dedicated team:

    All in all, their game has come a long way whilst RCTW has fallen behind. In terms of Nvizzio "listening", many users feel otherwise as many things haven't been fixed for months now such as ride animations (Troika, Theater Ride), peeps (still sliding, refusing to eat/ride/sit, broken animations), optimization, crashes, etc. Strangely enough, one of the most constructive threads in a long time was closed because they received enough feedback. Even The Stig and other great supporters of this game were brushed aside with their ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by faceless252 View Post
    In say a years time I am sure the game will have a much different look and appeal and will be ready.

    Unfortunately, Nvizzio or Atari don't exactly have a clear path of RCTW's future (change of developers, changing release date, beta 2 abandoned). In the games current state, only the Scenario Editor and PbP Builder have been released from this list:

    It's really difficult to believe they will even release it this year if that German magazine is correct. I used to have the "hope" that many others have for this game, but at the rate this games going, it's hard to see it being a fully working game by then. Meanwhile, Frontier are looking to release Planet Coaster THIS November, with clear direction of their games development. This is why a lot of us can't appreciate Nvizzio's time and effort they put into the game.

    My post is not aimed to force you to play Planet Coaster, I just wanted to make you aware of it's current state and how a lot of what you asked for is already in their game. You mentioned in another thread how PC only had two coaster types at the time, well now I believe they have more than RCTW. Instead of struggling with putting coasters through center-pieces in RCTW, you can actually easily build these tunnels with PC's advanced terrain tools. Also, since you stated you don't care about the politics and how Nvizzio got RCTW to the stage it's currently in, I see no reason why you should complain about the "PR" ego's of PC's developers

    Overall, it's nice to hear that you're enjoying Rollercoaster Tycoon World! Just keep in mind it will probably take a while for a lot of your suggestions to be implemented.

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    I wish they would "flick the switch" that allows free rock placement.
    Also flick the other switch that allows terrain to be altered under coaster track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faceless252 View Post
    In say a years time I am sure the game will have a much different look and appeal and will be ready.
    You... you mean like this?

    That is what the game looked like September 2015. Much better than it does now. So, if the game follows the same trajectory that it has for the past year, it will look even worse by this time 2017. And, quite honestly, Atari does not have the resources to support this game until the end of this year, let alone 2017.

    And it's nice that you're still trying to give feedback. Unfortunately...

    Quote Originally Posted by nookriot
    this thread will now be closed.

    Reason For Closure: It has been open long enough to allow for plenty of feedback to be heard. We got what we needed, thanks again!
    The developers have already gotten all the feedback they needed. You didn't mention anything in this post that hasn't been asked for since April over and over and over again. Now, the devs know their deadline and are full steam ahead. There isn't any time or man-power available to be changing direction based on community feedback. That time is passed.

    By the way, it's a little discrediting to the community here to suggest that "Not everyone may appreciate the time and effort you [developers] are putting in and have done to get it to this stage but I do." Um. We've been here for years, giving support, being excited, and doing nothing but appreciating all the work we saw being done. Did you ever see the way this place would absolutely lose its collective mind when the team just released a screenshot of a bench? The hype was real. So, if you feel that there is a lack of appreciation in the community these days, have you ever asked why?

    Instead of thinking of this game as in early stages of development and asking for dev updates (we've already been there and done that. Check out the threads on this forum from this time last year. Good stuff, you'll find it interesting), it's realistic to realize that it is almost finished--most likely will be released before December. Will it be stable enough to support a community for years like RCT3 did? What was it about RCT3 that kept you interested? What kind of creations would you like to see being made in this game, say, three years from now? What are the features it has that will keep it relevant in 2019?

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    RCT3 has had 300-400 peak concurrent players the last couple of weeks.
    RCTW's peak concurrent players has not even hitting 200, with lows in the 140's.
    There was a brief rise with the Steam sale, and PxP update, but then a sharp decline.

    What will those figures look like if this were to remain in development for another year?

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    Agreeing with the host of this thread, and also it may be best fit in general section of the forum. That being said..

    I don't get it... why does every thing has to be this VERSUS that?

    Is it really a competition between PC and RCTW? A death match? Us and them...

    The second place is the first loser and all that come behind are/is also losers. Is this the society of losers we want for our future of humanity?

    A success is measure about how much you sell? Is that the point of mankind? So what if Armstrong had died on the way back to Earth after walking on the moon, we would have forgot that he walked on the Moon? Since it's no selling to tell people you may die in space while coming back. (another thing: is it true Armstrong walked on the moon? Another story).

    Have you(this is a general you, not pointing anyone in particular)not had enough of 2000+ years of the competitive crap and who is going to be the king of the hill?

    What does it matter if RCTW is better than PC or vice-versa? It matter for nothing but to split a community, all fan of theme park, roller coaster and other fun time. Can we not just enjoy something with comments(really only opinions) in which we would see the fun and creativity about something without having to scale how much we like it upon something else.

    In the end, competition is just insanity, seperating people from other people.

    Like many around this forum, I would like to just want to have some fun and not bother about who's gonna be the winner. I have already placed my money and it was not a bet, it was an investment into the future, into this community project that is called RCTW, just a game, yes, but one that imply cooperation and collaboration as well as imagination and creativity. This one is not a war, destruction or fighting game. A game created to be fun, a builder/tycoon in which we have to the chance to participate in it's conception and creation, so is this forum.

    If this is not constructive and cooperative in creating a fine, long lasting product, and just comparing eggs to tomatos, to tell which is the best, I'm not playing. And if some are here just for the reason of telling me that something else is just better, well, all good wind to them going back to it without me.

    Cause the core factor that brought me into RCT is still here, that the only competition there is when I'm into it, is me. The only thing to beat is myself and goals I've set for a particular building in the game. No linear premade scenario, no programed objectives, no random stranger to beat, destroy or be better than. Let us keep the spirit of RCT alive. PC players and RCTW fans are one and the same: JUST PEEPS.

    Frontier MADE RCT and what it is to this day, if one can remember. So if anyone tell me they are not fans of this game, title and franchise, I will reply with facts and call them liars, out very loud.

    Have a nice day to you all!
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    Does anyone have any objections to moving this thread to the General Forum? Figured I would ask before moving.

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    I'm getting tired of people not reading posts completely anymore. It's like you just read the words "Planet Coaster" in the beginning of my post and assumed I was comparing the two for the sake of which is better. If you read my post, I never stated which game I thought was better. I was merely letting the OP know that a lot of what he/she has asked for in the past and present for this game, is now in the other game. It's not about who's going to win, it's about who is actually reading our feedback and implementing the features we've wanted for so long now.

    Look at Bitter Jeweler's post, who has asked for stacking of rocks MANY times now, and it still hasn't been implemented in RCTW. Read my post as well as loquacious706's post describing the current state of RCTW and how difficult it is to support this game. It would have saved you the trouble of having to type that lengthy post. Also, you're comparing humans walking on the moon with selling video games... Those are two wildly different arguments.

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