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Thread: Game hangs and freezes entire system after loading saved game

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    Game hangs and freezes entire system after loading saved game

    This is the second sandbox park I created that has become unplayable due to it freezing and hanging my entire system; requiring a hard boot to restart. This second sandbox only contained one coaster and a few UGC pieces. This time, the game loads, SLOWLY, then response is very unstable. Finally, whenever I try to edit the coaster, the game completely hangs. Only way out is a HARD boot. As far as I am concerned, this game is now unplayable.... cannot keep restarting games from scratch, after spending time on creating different parks!

    Please tell me if you need more info.

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    What were the UGC items and can you include the save files for the devs?

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    Forgot to say if you could attach youe DXDiag that would help them aswell

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    Re; Game hangs.....

    How can I upload save files? I tried to split them between 3 zip files, but one is still exceeding the 97K limit for zip file.

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    Also, where is DXDiag? I can't find any files with name.

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    Easiest way is to upload them to somewhere like dropbox or some other file sharing site and link to them from here.

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    Save files and DXDiag are there..

    The only UGC in that save game was JurrasicParkEntrance(Animated). BTW, before all this started.... I tried adding the JurrasicParkFenceV1, and that hosed the game almost immediately.

    UPDATE.... tried to load again.... This time, it seems to be a timing issue, rather than the coaster editor...... game started to hang after about three to five minutes in. after 10 minutes, system was again hosed.... needed to HARD boot.

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    Hi Karmins, thank you for reporting this issue. Info for QA #18244.

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    OK.... now this is getting ridiculous.... In my opinion, this game is now unplayable! I have created another (very basic) sandbox park with only that same single coaster. After I save it and try to reload it, the same issue.... after a few minutes, everything hangs, including the entire system; requiring a hard boot. Can't keep hard booting without eventual file damage. Can't verify memory usage because I can't get task manager up when it hangs. This MUST be fixed! I don't believe this is isolated to my game and my system.

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    Is it a coaster blueprint you are using?
    Have you tried a park without that blueprint?
    They have confirmed that this is an issue, not something I have personally experienced unless i have had a specific issue using the PxP builder. If you have been using PxP and save your game without finishing the building your save doesn't seem to load.

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