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Thread: Exploration Paradise 2.0

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    Exploration Paradise 2.0

    Hey Guys, Its the Chuggster! UPDATE #1 :Starting over due to Exploration Paradise 1.0 file getting corrupted.

    Welcome To Exploration Paradise. Here you can find find adventures in every corner! From the Western Cities to the Dangerous Alleys full of Pirates, you never run out of things to see. What you can see below is a view of our western city. Although not finished there is still much to see anywhere you go. We hope you have a great experience, here at Exploration Paradise. I will be uploading a video soon to my YouTube channel where you can see the process of me creating the park and commentary explaining my inspiration and what I plan for the future of the park.

    Entrance Building
    Western 1.jpg
    Beginning of Main Street
    Wesstern 2.jpg
    Corner Building
    Western 3.jpg
    Full View of Entrance Building
    Western 4.jpg
    Thanks to the creators of RCTW and the UGC Creators.
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    Nice screenshots, well done!

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    Nice! We will definitely be adding these to our Facebook Album for Western Themed PxP. Thanks for sharing Chugg!
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    Thank you both! I am super excited for the park and to share more with you all. I am almost ready to publish my video! I am hoping either tomorrow or Sunday morning at the latest. (Utah USA Mountain Standard Time Zone). Here's another sneak peak photo of what you will be able to see later! Thanks for taking a look at my park, it means a lot to me!Western MainStreet.jpg

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    Hey Guys, Its the Chuggster! UPDATE #2 :Western Main Street!

    I have been looking forward to posting this update and I am so excited to be finally sharing it with you! This update contains the building of my Western Style Main Street. To watch a video of my process building the Main Street follow and watch the video on my YouTube channel at this link:

    Here are a couple photos displaying what has been created:

    Main Street Street View..jpg
    The Undertaker and Chapel
    The UnderTaker and Chapel.jpg
    The Bank
    The Bank.jpg
    Then here is a Sneak Peek at Update 3!

    Theatre and Dinner
    Theatre and Dinner.jpg
    Thanks for reading my post and viewing my park! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments I would love to hear them!

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    Really cooooo! great park!

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    Very nice vid, thank you for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hupulups View Post
    Really cooooo! great park!
    Quote Originally Posted by Forgath View Post
    Very nice vid, thank you for sharing!
    Thanks you guys! I am glad you like it and people are viewing my videos. ^_^ I am really excited for when my next update is ready. I especially had a lot of fun building the theater that you can see in my sneak peak picture.

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    Hey Guys, Its the Chuggster! UPDATE #3: Finishing the Main Street.

    This videos covers a couple buildings that I have built! The biggest things I would say are my Theater and the Western Mansion building. I had a ton of fun building this video and am excited to share it with you. I also was able to share a little bit about who I am and how I was introduced to this game. I apologize for the wait on the video. The beginning of college (1st year) has kept me busy but I am getting used to things and will be coming out with Update 4 soon! Here is the link to my video: .I hope that you like it and comment! As always if you have any questions or suggestions you would like to bring up, please do. I would love to hear from you and respond as soon as I can! Thanks for reading/watching guys.

    Western Mansion:

    Theater Photo:

    Info Booth / Bathroom Photo:

    Bank Photo (In all reality janitorial and mechanic building are in the inside):

    But that is the end of my update guys! Thank you so much for looking over my photos and seeing my progress! I hope to share with you more of my creations and updates as soon as I can.

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    Nice Chugg!

    Also, I am curious. How long did it take you to make those tables and chairs?

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