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Thread: Western theme saloon PxP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgath View Post
    I have not uploaded them yet to the workshop MontyMamba. I'd like to create a green leaf version as well and then upload them. Free time is in short supply for me these days but i intend to do it this weekend.

    And no i have not tried out the new PxP set yet. It looks nice yes but i would have preferred focus on other issues.
    Yea there are still other issues I do want addressed also and some more rides, I'm always glad for new scenery though just to help the creative juices. well the trees do look really great and I'll be waiting for to download them for sure!

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    Here is the 'green' version:


    Its the largest one of the three:


    All three are now available on the workshop.

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    Been playing around with upgrading the detail level of the trees. I don't have any pictures to share yet.

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    a small pine tree is the first one:


    I put the stone there as reference

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