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Thread: My own shops

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    My own shops

    Hallo there first of all to everyone.

    So the PbP is out and i am really happy with it. Some minor problems, which already have been reported, but 90% works fine.

    What i like most about it i can rotate everything and that i can make my own backlot buildings with the Janitor, Mechanics and Entertainers "boxes".
    To get used to it i started with a standard, as i always did in the past, in every other game.

    A small booth for drinks and food. I saved them as blueprints, but i haven't found the button yet where i can copy them into other parks.

    They are very minimalistic, but actually i had to use every aspect. Toggle grid, snaps, rise snap, rotation, colour etc.

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    Very RCT1 ish! I like it!

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    Thank you. Guilty.

    I guess deep inside i am still a Themepark/Rct1 man.

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    Nice! The blueprints button is the same as the coasters - if you open the PxP builder there should be a image like a set of compasses. Looking at the pieces they will probably be under the Sci-Fi tab
    You should also be able to share them to the workshop using the social hub if you wanted

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    Nice, plain and simple conception. Would fit most parks without modifications.

    Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration.

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