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Thread: Expanded Ideas On Park Management

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    Cool Expanded Ideas On Park Management

    Team Nvizzio, Matt Lab

    This can be a great thing to add for park management. Were the colors would start to fade even have the rain making it rusty and the peeps would knowtice and say that coaster Looks old or it looks Dated. so u would have to go and paint it again to restore the Color.

    Also about the colors I hope at Launch they add more Gloss to tracks and track supports. or let us chose the glossy colors from a color wheel or rgb .

    Picture on coaster rust. before it hits the tunnel follow the track you will see some rust on the bottom steel bar and you can see it on the left side of the picture in the middle of the track.

    also like to point out that the supports in RCTW need to hit the Back or underneath the Steel bar like in the photo. RCTW has all the coasters Supports coming out of the side of the bar, casusing the supports to be to wide for Most of the Coasters in the game.

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    that's a smart idea!! and it takes a while to paint it so you'll lose some money while its happening. but you'll attract the people back to the coaster after that so its worth it.

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