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Thread: RCTW – Early Access – Dev Blog – Piece-by-Piece Next Week!

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    This also sounds / looks like making a full sized showbuilding for an indoor or dark ride would be a lot easier. Building roofs for RCT3 was SOO hard cause you had to know the exact height to place a tile, and this may be easy to extend a roof above something. We'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggiet View Post
    Maybe the PxP will bring the spline tools from the coasters to the decor? This would definitely be a one up from the competition, and would make the tools from the rides feel more unified.

    I could imagine other tools besides splines creating the look, if the pieces are scalable than a curved piece of wire could be scaled up to create the bridge wires. The vertical pieces could be scaled along one axis only to create the different lengths to match up with the curved cable.

    Just a couple of theories, can't wait to find out what the PxP will hold.
    Spline tools for scenery? Scalability?

    We can't even raise rocks off the ground to make up for the inability to make tunnels!

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    News from twitter:
    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Lumpkin
    Tomorrow I'm streaming @OfficialRCT showing our Piece by Piece mode!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorPelusa View Post
    Thanks DoctorPelusa!

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