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Thread: Crashed Again.

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    Crashed Again.

    Here is my up to date logs as of 8/19/916 at 5:27 am.

    It never fails when I play the game at some point it is going to crash and I lost everything that I was working on. If it doesn't crash (and that is a very big if) the the darn game pause so much that I get frustrated - save it if it doesn't crash to work on it at a later time when cooler heads is going on. Guys you pushed the blame on us for not having the specs that is required. Well Take a look for yourself. The Geek squad got my computer at the point that I should have ample power and the right tools to play the game. So why is it our fault when we do what you tell us to do or what we need to do to play the game. This is very upsetting.

    Thank you

    Dennis Andrews
    aka: osudenny1 in steam
    here aka: osudenny

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    Hi osudenny,

    I checked your dxdiag and the nVidia driver version you are using is 10.18.0013.5891. Could you please try updating your display driver to the latest version and let me know how it goes?

    If the game still crashes for you, could you please give us the output_log found at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RollerCoaster Tycoon World\RollerCoaster Tycoon World_Data' ?

    This log may help us pin down the issue.


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    Hi you want that folder? Anything to help. here you go:
    I hope this will help yo get this crashing and Pausing stuff over in the game.


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