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    a thought for you

    That I think would go over big time with all. There is a lot of creators here that is making some awesome shops, carts, what ever. Why can't you make a vendor just the person that would make the creators work come to life?? What this person must be able to do is to sell everything you have to eat or to by at a gift shop. Put prices on them the same that you have where they are at. That is all and we are able to place him or she where ever ther is a place that will sell stuff. We had a person that hecked the RCT3 the game and cam up with a vendor just the person to sell things. You would not believe the different food places pop up. Even to go further on this leave the sells open and let us put it in be it popcorn, gyros, french fries, candy, pretzels, donuts, coffee, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, Brats, Different brands of pop. We fill it in and give the prices. you have nothing else after that as far as the 1 vendor goes. Please listen to us and put something in the game we want. Again I think we need some kind of Law enforcement in the games. And the weather and umbrellas for the peeps.

    Please help us!!!


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    Agreed. Having a peep at a counter and then being able to swap out the booth design using UGC is something we all loved from RCT3, and would be fantastic to have in this game, would make it more versatile, especially when recreating parks.

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