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Thread: RCTLL Parks

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    RCTLL Parks

    New Element has been around since 2002, and has always provided the community with the very best in RCT! Chances are if you've built with custom scenery objects, these objects have come from members of our site! Here are some screenshots of some of our member's parks in the hope of generating some excitement for the current games as well as the new games!

    Au Naturel by Loopy

    El Paso Springs by Louis

    Valken by ][ntamin22

    Thoughts by Liampie

    We love the original RCT!

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    > custom scenery

    > RCTLL

    > implying


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    I'm consistently floored by the work I've seen on New Element. Long live modding!

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    Long live LL!

    pHScale - yes, that was a badly worded paragraph for LL :P

    iChase - feel free to sign up! we always like hearing from new members!

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    Those are some brilliant rides! I've always found it much harder to make rides and scenery look nice in the first two games than the third :P

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    NE is the best RCT1/2 site

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    Love most of the parks i have looked at when i looked on the website a few times.

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