Hi! Back. Again. Still. Very frustrated – still.

What about? Coasters, of course.

As I mentioned months ago in THIS topic (I will post the link later), I was not amused about the way coasters, the coaster builder and everything about that theme is covered by the updates from release to release.

Yes, there are improvements and bug fixes, but there is still much work to do. And as you can see if you have a deep look inside the improvements which are included in the last updates, there is still no focus on coasters. Yes, there is one new coaster. Wow. A Vekoma-style design loop coaster. Now we have 2 different steel track types here (where is Intamin, still?) not regarding the spinning coaster. Where are all the other types of coasters which were included in RCT 3 and existing in the real world?

You still focus on heat maps, details, some graphic jokes and so on. Everything, but no focus on coasters.

I paused to play the game for some time, when I started over again, I saw that there are a few changes, sometimes hidden (I explain this later), and had to see that there are many new bugs instead of improvements.

Really, you have the time to implement a train crashing feature and announce it very proudly? Are you kidding me? I believe you have neither the time nor it is the time to do some very bad jokes like this “development” when there are coasters in fact still not working. Have you EVER heard this in reality? It is far more probably to crash with a brand new Boeing Dreamliner.

Ok, it is very good, that the block brake system shall work now (if have not tested it yet).

But what about these points:
· Coaster ride physics are still not nearly realistic, there is far too much friction on certain elements, especially when trying to
design some realistic inversion elements
· There were changes to coaster physics resulting in breaking down some of my rides, needing additional boasters and brakes
· Just setting up the friction is not a resolution of all coaster problems and especially not of rating and statistics problems
· The option “grease tracks” results in a total unrealistic behavior
· You need brakes and boosters on many places where they would NEVER be installed or even required regardless of they
would exist in the reality or in the game
· Deep drops and the most intense points of inversions lead to much intensity, much excitement and a bit of nausea. This is the intended use for these elements. Coasters are developed to face people with these things for only parts of seconds to reach a high excitement level. Actually, these parts are more or less not usable because they break down all ride statistics resulting in very poor excitement, bad extreme intensity and nausea rating. The result is: People do not want to ride the coaster, even when there is only a deep drop followed by an overbanked turn and an airtime hill.
· The predefined elements are not usable because they 1.) lead to very bad ratings 2.) have extreme friction 3.) are far too extreme on certain points (eg. to steep) 4.) have nothing to do with the actual coaster (they are not coaster-specific, or have you ever seen a hyper-coaster with a dive-loop?) 5.) have sometimes wrong tracks (very twisted multiple times) 6.) have code-names instead of decriptions
· It is even difficult to build a straight track because the coaster builder creates sharp maneuvers and turns even when you do not want that (just clicking straight ahead)
· No one of the peeps wants to ride the coaster or they say “I don`t pay … for …” (caused by the low excitement, which would definitely be much higher if the physics were correct or the statistic computing would be better).
· Why is it not possible to perform a continuous test while building a coaster like it was in earlier versions (the “white painted coaster with an endless loop”)?
· Why do I have to start the game to test the coaster? Far too much realism at a totally unwanted point! (realistic behavior is good, yes, but please hit the best points instead of stepping on my nerves)
· Why is it not possible to determine the length of the station?
· After months still track height and length is displayed in “minutes”
· It is not possible to switch to a height-displaying view while building coasters as it was in older versions.
· When building coasters with the menu buttons, not the freehand-method, there are only 45 and 90 degree curves available, a “mid-size” button is missing
· The white add-track needle makes no sense when there is a very twisted track added instead of a straight one
· When I add banking to the track, the transfer from the straight track to the banked one is far too short resulting in sharp maneuvers which are not realistic
· The maximum combination with banked drops is to less, especially when using the wooden coaster. Real wooden coasters support much more banking in curved drops.
· There is no switch to make decide if this is a spinning track or not in case of the spinning coaster
· Same direction, but not a coaster: Where are the different types of free-fall towers? Why is it not possible to define the height? Why is it not possible to switch the mode between free-fall and a type of launch to the top?
· After “years” of in-game-play time peeps do not want to pay just 1,25 for flat rides

Also, peeps soar over the paths again and do not regard stop signs.

This list is just the beginning. Months ago, I also posted parts of this list. There is still no progress.

Or there is progress with features which are – to say it very nice – not as important as other features would be probably.
Not to say crap.

Dear developers, you try to make the first human steps on the moon as perfect as you can, although you even have not developed the rocket which is getting this human up.

It would be nice if you would not “likely” return to coasters, instead you should do that immediately. This game is named “Rollercoaster Tycoon”. Any idea what the first part of the title should mean?