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Thread: Building Coaster: Rotate, Elevate, Twisting tool problem

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    Unhappy Building Coaster: Rotate, Elevate, Twisting tool problem

    Sometimes when I open a new game or reload my park, and I want to build or modify a coaster; for example I want this section of rail to be higher or more curved, there is a problem with the incrementation of the tool, I need to scroll down or up with the mouse a very long time before it elevates the section of the rail and only of a half meter; So it becomes very difficult/impossible to modify my coaster or build a new one...

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    I am also experiencing the same issue, only seems to have started happening after the latest update. It's very frustrating!

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    Do you have snal enabled? I discovered that disabling snap rectified this for me

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    What is snal/snap please ? I use a french version so I'm not sure about what you mean ?

    lloyddy : yes for me to it happens after the update #10 but not directly, I've played a few days on update #10 without this bug happening, and now it happens every 2 times I open a park; and I don't know the cause

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    Its the object snap toggled with the n key

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    I must say that I am very disapointed by the developers who don't seem to care about bugs reports that I take time to report; It's a thing that you create a game wich has a lot of problems and that you make a forum where we can report those problems, but it's another thing that you close the topics of bugs reports without making the research to correct them !

    I've seen that the problem seem to come from the "automatic placement" button Inside the building coaster tool : when the bug appears, it can be corrected by enabling or disabling the automatic placement; So the problem comes from somewhere here, so I ask developers to please search in their code about this, and to correct this problem for the next update

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    I agree - the last update came out on the 27th of July and this problem still exists.
    I note that this has been closed as not reproducible meaning that it has been fixed on their internal builds so hopefully it will come with update containing the PxP builder.
    This has affected my enjoyment of the game and has actually caused me to abandon a Twitch stream and not perform any subsequent streams and I will continue not to stream until this issue is rectified.
    Devs is there any way we could see a hotfix rolled out for this issue whilst we are waiting on PxP builder as it is currently nearly impossible to construct a coaster?

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    Hello,I have the same issue. I did not play the game since a lot of time ago, but yestarday I started a new game and I built a coaster, everything was ok, but today I opened the park and I have this issue, I started a new game and the issue is also there... I can not build coasters....

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    I'm having this bug too. How does a bug like this get past any level of testing?

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