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Thread: RCT2 Parks

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    RCT2 Parks

    New Element has been around since 2002, and has always provided the community with the very best in RCT! Chances are if you've built with custom scenery objects, these objects have come from members of our site! Here are some screenshots of some of our member's parks in the hope of generating some excitement for the current games as well as the new games!

    Starpointe by Pacificoaster

    Smoky Mountain by Dimi

    Busch Gardens Asia by Robbie

    Desparado by Geewhzz

    We just love building RCT!

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    I remember alot of this stuff back when i was a young kid in High school lol, good memories, might have to DL some of the stuff and show the kids how to play RCT and RCT2!!

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    LK, I think the original 3 games are on sale on right now.

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    Introducing kids to RCT is the way to go! Get them involved with one of the best gaming series of all time!

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    I love the way the scenery was used in the Smokey Mountain screen-shot, I'm going to have to learn a thing or two about using scenery!

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    Wow that´s awesome, I love the first shot, amazing what´s possible with RCT2.

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    The Possibilities of this game!

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