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Thread: Crash While Load savegame

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    Crash While Load savegame

    First all Logs and Pictures are included in this file:

    Version: 1248826 Steam Version

    I played without interruption for about 4-5 Hours, placed every available attraction, paths, make trees and many more. As i needet to go afk i saved the game, waiting and then closed the game itself.
    Now i can not get back i tryed with the force command to use dx9 i tryed without it now i have no more ideas what can i do i simply dont want to start the 3nd time again from beginning

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    This happened to me on the last patch to.

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    Hi scherzbold, thankyou for reporting this issue. Info for QA #14782.

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    How about a update with this problems?

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    Unfortunately this is a problem with EA games where updates can break saves. Also if you saw the recent post all saves will be unusable once the game goes gold anyway

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