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Thread: Hello, is this on?

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    Hello, is this on?

    Hello all. I am Novakobx22, but you can call me Nova. I have been playing RCT for about a couple months now, but mostly on RCT3, even though I am aiming to buy RCTW. I also have a love for other video game company's, such as Nintendo and Sony. I usually mix my love for both RCT3 and Nintendo/Sony to make parks based off their franchises, so look for my work in the Creativity section soon. I hope to have a good time here, yall.

    EDIT: Almost forgot. I have a question. Should I buy the Early Access for RTCW or am I better off sticking with RCT3?

    EDIT 2: Nvm, I bought RCTW Deluxe.
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