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Thread: Exploration Paradise Park

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    Exploration Paradise Park

    Hey Guys, this is the Chuggster!

    This park I created I call Exploration Paradise. I have always been an avid fan of theme park games. I grew on up RCT 1 and 2. I used to spend a lot of time building a making videos of RCT3 and decided I should start up again with this game. This was an experimental park for me but it is the first park I created that I put a lot of effort into details in RCTW. I call it exploration park because it has many themes and there are a lot of things to explore in the park. I finished the park today and decided not to expand on it because I decided it had to many themes and I would rather stick with one in a park. I would love to hear what you think!

    If you would like to download it you can because I put it in my Steam Workshop.

    Thank you to all the UGC creators that helped make my park possible.
    Pictures Part 1.
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    Pictures Part 2.
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    Pictures Part 3.
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    Your park is looking good, Chuggster!

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    Nice castle out there, and also very good night shot. This place looks promising, and wish for more soon.

    Nice scenary mix, using both medieval and western. You been building good, and it show. I like the pictures shots and angles, even if they we're a bit close. This park as a good possibility of being great.

    I wish to see just a bit more about coasters or rides, and please post a day time aerial shot of the park. I also think it was a bit poor on foliages or gardens.

    Overall good, still need a little effort, and it may become great. Where are the peeps?

    Appreciate you posting your park, thank you very much, and keep building!

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