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Thread: rollercoaster dreams - trailer

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    rollercoaster dreams - trailer

    has anyone seen the trailer for this new vr game for playstation?

    i personally think rctw looks much better than this game visually and through gameplay. what do you guys think? i feel like it just goes to show that planet coaster really is the next big thing in amuement park games.

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    Feb 2015
    It's always nice to see more coaster games on the market but I am kind of surprised that this is on PS.

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    Nov 2015
    I think RCTW or any other RCT game looks better than this.

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    Aug 2015
    The peep models are much better than RCTW and some of the ride models are more accurate.

    This is a bargain bin game though, I'd pic it up if it was like $5 and I was bored, I like the carnival feel to the game

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