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Thread: Hey there, all...

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    Hey there, all...

    Hi everyone, my name is Ray and I've been a fan of RCT for years. I have been watching with great interest as the new RCTW develops. I've played all the past versions of the game, but I've been kinda focused on RCT3 for a while now, since I finally got a gaming system that will run it so that I can develop a full park without performance issues. On my old system, I could build for a little while, but then the lag would start and I couldn't really do much more. In fact, part of the reason I bought my new machine was so I could play RCTW. But I think I'll go into other areas to talk about that.

    See you all around!

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    Welcome Ray, I only joined a little while back. Have fun and enjoy....

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    Welcome to the community! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.

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    Welcome Ray! Hope to see you soon in some of the discussions!

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    Welcome! See you around

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