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Thread: [Darkride] Sky Hunters: Mission Two

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    [Darkride] Sky Hunters: Mission Two

    RCT Forum official

    Sky Hunters
    Mission Two

    by RCT D!

    Your position: Sky Hunter Base 2.0.
    Your mission: The space bandits are back. But this time in several worlds. You are the one who has to hunt and kill them, one time more. You are going to explore three different worlds. Therefore you have to traverse the great space. But be carful since there are many dangers awaiting you. Once you have reached another world, it´s not safe as well: you have to find the space bandits, combat them and kill them...if you´re lucky.

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    How many hours do you have in this???

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    Absolutely incredible! Your work is amazing. It is so fun to watch AND experience. I can't wait till we can do this in RCTW (maybe in the next update?) . Seriously - great job. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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