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Thread: Object Placement Non functional

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    Object Placement Non functional
    I Was unable to upload the video through an attactment, so here is the link to the video. You can only view it if you have the link.
    I've played RCT since the sequal I love games like this and every update you guys bring out truly progresses the game we love.
    I know you guys can solve this problem with time.
    Feel free to contact me for anymore information at [email protected] <iframe class...0"></iframe>

    After starting up a game I can place an infinite amount of paths no problem, but after I put down two building or something other than paths I can no longer put objects on the map. I can delete them, but I can not place anything on the map after this recent update.
    After replication this bug I found out that the building/rides/objects that I now select appear randomly upon the map without manual placement, they will appear randomly on the map even when I have not unlock a certain area of the map.

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    Hi jamarbiddix , Thank you for reporting this issue. Info for QA #7679.

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