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Thread: customization of flat ride colour

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    customization of flat ride colour

    one for the future allow people to change the colour scheme of the the flat rides to fit there personal theme

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    Yes, please! I want to be able to customize the ride design like we could in previous versions. Like the drop-down list of different entrance/exit themes and colors for the ride itself. What if I want to put that new Typhoon ride in my park, but my park is sci fi themed?

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    +1! I would love to be able to re-theme all flat rides. I also would love to be able to stack flat rides, like make a two story carousel just like the one at California's Great America!

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    I don't get why neither game made a base model for each flat ride, then had a choice for the theming around it.

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    This is something that is needed. I also like the way in Parkitect you can easily make a building around a ride, themeing it how you like.

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