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    Hi all,

    One thing that i belive good be really good in rctw is having hotels on the map.
    So say at points in the game the hotel could become say full witch is gd for the park money wise but it puts pressure on up keep on rides so if u are not perperd for the guest sudden rise ur park ride and attration start to braekdown etc.
    They is meny other affects this could av eg staff leaving because they r under to much pressure to keep the park running would had a new level of game play and challeges i belive.
    They is lots of theme parks that av hotels and belive it would b great for the game. Could add them 2 the maps next 2 the parking lots. advance for reading my idea

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    This would be a perfect expansion pack.
    I think they should implement the map system that they are using for campaign mode into sandbox mode. So you have these maps where you have certain plots of land that have parks and other smaller plots have hotels. They all can be connected via buses and a monorail.
    I would want a hotel building system like the sims,or maybe Hotel Giant. Something where you can easily build a large building and then place custom rooms you designed in the inside, like Hotel Giant. You can also have food stalls but if you want restaurants inside your hotel you would need the restaurant expansion pack.
    Hope my ideas are helpful, I will be sure to add to them if I think of anything.

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