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Thread: RCTW - Early Access - Dev Blog #12 - Update #9 Now Live!

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    RCTW - Early Access - Dev Blog #12 - Update #9 Now Live!

    Hello Tycoons!

    Strap yourselves in and get ready for a NEW PATCH. Update #9 brings a brand-new Looping coaster, colored queues, and a sleek new UGC landing page, along with a number of improvements to Staff systems, terrain, graphics, user interface and user experience. As always, the improvements below are just a small part of the work our team is doing. Updates like what you see today are developed in tandem with larger, more involved feature sets, which will be coming down the road very soon! In the meantime, read on for the specifics of today’s update!

    Take a spin (or 10) on our brand-new Looping Coaster! This handsome square-ribbed steel coaster is ideal for performing inversions, and comes with 5 exquisite pre-built coaster designs. Find it under the “Coaster” menu and bring your coaster crafting to the next level.

    After laying out your queue lines, you can now select a queue and modify the color of its railing and footpath. Simply click on a placed queue to bring up the queue color customization menu. This new feature provides even deeper customization and control, as you can now match your queue lines to the custom colors of your coasters and tracks! Let your inner artist run wild!

    We’ve built an all-new landing page for your UGC content. This page will highlight the coolest and most popular featured items from the RCTW community! Popular screenshots have a chance to be featured on the top of the page, so keep checking back to the RCTW UGC menu to see the greatest creations from our endlessly imaginative Tycoons.

    For this latest patch, our team has continued to make improvements to current game systems. Highlights include usability updates to our Staff system, performance updates centered on tree scenery optimizations, improved load times when accessing saved parks, and more! See the full list of changes below.

    As always, we have a number of new features and fixes on the horizon. Be on the lookout for additional improvements and new content coming soon!

    Thank you again for your support for RCTW. Keep it up! And as always, let us know what you think of the latest updates!

    Thank you!
    - Team RCTW
    __________________________________________________ _________________



    • COASTER: Brand-new Looping Coaster! A handsome square-ribbed steel coaster ideal for performing inversions. Comes with 5 pre-made coaster designs.
    • COLORED QUEUES: Players can now select a queue and modify the color of the railing and footpath.
    • UGC LANDING PAGE: An all-new landing page highlighting the latest featured items from the RCTW community.


    • GRAPHICS: Improved Seats for Standing, Dive, Wing, and Floorless Coaster
    • PEEPS: Improved animations for falling peeps
    • PERFORMANCE: Continued Flat Ride optimization
    • PERFORMANCE: Improved performance while using staff patrols
    • PERFORMANCE: Continued tree performance optimization
    • PERFORMANCE: Improved loading times when loading saved parks
    • STAFF: Players can now assign employees to Patrol Area by dropping them anywhere within that area
    • STAFF: Continue improvements to camera zoom feature
    • STAFF: Rides now highlight when placing mechanics or entertainers within Patrol Area of ride
    • TERRAIN: Terrain automatically flattens when building on steep slopes
    • TERRAIN: Small scenery objects rotate according to terrain slope
    • UI / UX: Added a “Group” tab to all info panels
    • UI / UX: Added Blueprint button to first tab of all info panels
    • UI / UX: Added “total cost” to info panel
    • UI / UX: Added new mouse icon when hovering over buildings


    The bugs below have been addressed in this update. Note that this is only a selection of all the bug fixes from the full list.

    • CRASH: Crash occurs when attempting to modify a path at the exit of any building/ride/coaster
    • CRASH: Attempting to move a shop on top of another will cause a crash
    • GRAPHICS: Stardust Lilies feature small texture issue
    • GRAPHICS: Resolution too low for “The Day the Ride Stood Still” façade texture
    • GRAPHICS: Lantern appears to float in “Hayride” and “Wild Tycoon Wing” rides
    • STAFF: Janitors occasionally leave janitor building with their Heat Maps texture, even when Staff Heat Maps are disabled
    • STAFF: Not all staff buildings highlight when using Heat Maps
    • UI / UX: Coaster thumbnails do not match actual coaster
    • UI / UX: Price/cost panel is hidden by Staff Building Heat Maps, when viewed at certain angles
    • UI / UX: Incorrect color tint shown when enabling Theme Concentration heat maps
    • UI / UX: Selection Coasters after expanding a park will bring up incorrect HUD
    • UI / UX: Objectives for final month of Scenario do not appear with green check mark
    • UI / UX: Landing Page bug making “Most Popular” and “Top Rated” categories disappear and reappear
    • UI / UX: Placing buildings on a curved path with snapping tool active can create error


    We are still working on a number of bugs, tweaks, and other fixes. With each update we address a number of bugs and make improvements, but sometimes this may cause other features to break in the process. Our focus during Early Access is on releasing updates faster to you so we can get feedback earlier in the process. If you see a bug please report it in our Bug Tracker. Feedback on what you see implemented should go in our Improvement Tracker. Please note that we are aware of an issue preventing NEW users from registering on our Official RCTW Forums and are working on resolving that.

    For a general guide on fixes and troubleshooting steps for common issues (including the 57% bug) please visit THIS USER GENERATED GUIDE. Note that we have been seeing a number of users reporting issues with computers that are below the game’s minimum specs, so please check the main steam page before playing to ensure you meet the requirements. Additionally, we have seen a number of problems are solved when users update their graphics drivers.

    Lastly, downloads via Steam may sometimes get corrupted or updates don’t fully install leading to odd behaviors in game and starting the game. Try these steps to Verify the game cache:

    Right click RollerCoaster Tycoon World in Steam
    Click Properties
    Open the Local Files tab
    Click Verify integrity of game cache

    NOTE: In general – it is a good idea to Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache after any update just to be sure.
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    I approve of these shenanigans

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    Yay! Looping Coaster looks great!

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    God is Good and I guessed the right coaster track style hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Amazing update guys. Keep it going!

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    Feb 2015
    Nice Update!!! Fantastic to see another coaster type!

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    Junior Enthusiast DanPlayer01's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Awesome update!

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    Great update! Keep em' rolling!

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    Nov 2015
    The update was great...until it crashed.

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    Dec 2014
    Wow! Good update. That Looping coaster -- Arrow? Looks great! Staff system has a bit of a learning curve but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Thanks.

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    Question: In the first picture, the train cars looks like the base color is dark/navy blue. Yet in game the flames are on black. Am I somehow missing a new train car-recolor feature? Or what's going on, losing my eyesight?

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