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Thread: Pacific Palms: America's Newest Theme Park Destination

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    Hey guys, I'm not going to let this bug get me down. Thanks for all of your responses and interest in the park. The next update begins in 3.... 2.... 1....

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    Keep at in mrbigshot! Loving your screenshots so far, you have a good eye for perspective.

    Looking forward to seeing more!
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    Something BIG Has Surfaced At Pacific Palms

    Sam Kittredge finally back again to share what we've been up to.

    I'm proud to announce the completion of our largest attraction thus far.

    Pacific Palms welcomes...

    Our most ambitious project yet stands at 300ft. tall and reaches speeds approaching 80mph while giving riders stunning views of nearby beaches and the forward sections of the park. We'll certainly have more of Barracuda to show as time goes on, and I hope you'll stick around as we reveal more of what we have to come in the near future. Thanks as always for checking us out. We look forward to your visit.

    - Samuel Kittredge

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    It look great! I look forward to seeing what you put in your park in the future!

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    Wow! looks great. Keep up the amazing work.

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    The Show Goes On + Q&A

    Hello again everyone! It’s Samuel Kittredge back to update you all on construction progress and answer a couple of your questions. Let’s begin shall we?

    The park has been a very busy place to work since I began these posts. We have contractors working nearly around the clock paving paths, constructing facilities, and of course installing attractions. Because of the amount of people we have working around the park, we are able to complete projects rather quickly. From what I understand, corporate is impressed with our work so far. I’ve been swamped with paperwork here, but as always I’ve made it a mission to snap a few pictures before leaving each day. Here’s what I’ve seen over the past few days…

    Barracuda getting some sun...

    The new Italian House restaurant... An upscale Italian cuisine location that serves various pasta dishes and coffees. Located steps away from several major attractions.

    A new ride has entered the lineup! It's sure to be a great addition to the park and an unforgettable thrill. I'm proud to announce....

    FearFall stands a just a short walk from Barracuda and I must say the two together make this particular midway an intimidating place! Along with the Pacific Amphitheater and several shops and eateries, FearFall and Barracuda tie this forward section of the park together quite nicely. Hopefully I can get some sort of shot of it all for you guys.

    Lastly, here's a shot of FearFall I snapped as I passed through the area.

    And now it's time for Q&A...

    Theme Park Games said - "This is awesome and I love the narrative you provide in updating us about your park. However, you have not yet let us know the opening date, how much the entrance fee is, and what your hours are. I also couldn't find your park on Facebook.

    Great job!"

    - Thank you for your feedback and support! At the moment, we're slated for an early 2017 opening date. I haven't gotten any info regarding an exact date, but I'd say expect to be able to visit mid - February or early March. As for ticket prices, our general admission is set at $59.99 plus tax per person. Children five and under are free. We'll be open year - round from 10AM to 10PM, however those hours are for peak travel season. During Fall/Winter months our hours will be 10AM to 8PM on a weekend - only basis. There are no plans for social media outlets at this time.

    Nookriot said - "Keep at in mrbigshot! Loving your screenshots so far, you have a good eye for perspective.

    Looking forward to seeing more!"

    - Thanks a bunch!
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    Thank you for the update, it is looking great

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