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Thread: My 6-Minute Jurassic Park Roller Coaster

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    Cool My 6-Minute Jurassic Park Roller Coaster

    This is the first roller coaster I built in Roller Coaster Tycoon World. It's the third attempt at the same coaster attraction. The first two I had to abandon due to FPS, glitches, and performance issues. This one, which took several weeks, I got through without too many major issues. I created the coaster first, then recorded it, before flushing out the rest of the park.

    Here is a link to the Jurassic Park Ride video on YouTube (best viewed in HD):

    I also wrote a post about the ride - "The Jurassic Park Ride Story" that you can read at .

    One quick note about This is a brand new site not officially opening until July 10. I'm sharing this post in advance of the opening. The rest of the site is pretty bare right now.

    I am also working on a post on how the ride was created... kind of a walkthrough/faq/tutorial. I'll share it here when it is done.

    Thanks for taking the time to view and comment. It is great appreciated.

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    That was just fantastic! Loved it!

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    Wow! That was a great video. Nice job!

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    Nice!! well done

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    Amazing park!

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    Nice park!

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