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Thread: Scenario Editor Thoughts?

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    Scenario Editor Thoughts?

    What do you guys think of the scenario editor?

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    It has a way to go. But it is much further along at present than I thought it would be when we first got our hands on it.

    One thing I would really want, instead of blobbing a park to the 9 boxes that they have, would be to set the size of the old individual squares method. That is 1) more RCT like than present (since it was something from the 3 prior iterations) and 2) would make the park a lot more unique instead of a nine sizes fits all version

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    agreed.... sometimes i need only like a quarter of another 9-block and don't have the money to purchase it all but literally need room for like a piece of track and 6 supports... maybe a combo of both styles would work nice- I do like the ease of purchasing more land with the 9 blocks

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