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Thread: Still path issues

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    Still path issues

    Problem with the June 15 update.

    From the start point I created a curved path. Put all shacks in the corner and attached path (which changed one lane to different type of stone instead of stopping at the edge. Added the info stall and when connecting that, the large path between both connecting paths became small. And no way to select it! Removed all paths in the area, created new curved path and connected both paths again. Again there were patches of different type of path. But I'm still not able to select the piece that's different.

    And the forum seems to reset the type and attachment settings to default if something is wrong...

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    Thank you for logging this in Manipulator, we are still working on paths/queues system improvements, this issue should get resolved soon.
    ~ Vanillepink - o(^▽^)o

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