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    Lightbulb Maintenance

    I would like to so maintenance.

    Attractions sometimes need maintenance.

    There are several maintenance options :
    small maintenance (short period , week or two , only necessary things and little cost)
    maintenance medium (medium period , a month or two or three , some paint , cleaning, electricity, cost more)
    major maintenance (long period more than 5 to 6 months , all maintained hope expense) any form reduces downtime and increases the popularity .
    Peeps get angry if to many rides are closed but theywill get angry if rides are not maintained.

    It is therefore necessary that there must be planned when the ride was closed for maintenance!

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    I like that idea! It brings a little realism to the game

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    This is a good idea. Much more realistic than a ride breaking down even after multiple inspections and then finally a mechanic coming to fix it.

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