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Thread: RCTW Samplepark #1 Showing the potential this game haves!

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    Lightbulb RCTW Samplepark #1 Showing the potential!

    Here are some screenshots from my Park


    I generate screenshots now and then and they are ordered by date and then time, when you select the first image in the below link and press the right key you get a complete progress on how the park is being build.



    If you wan't to keep track of the building Progress screenshots are automatically send to:

    UGC Used, Amsterdam PbP Theme by menschmaier:

    Any suggestions or feedback is welcome
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    Some very nice screenshots TerrorToetje!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgath View Post
    Some very nice screenshots TerrorToetje!
    thanks, glad you like them!

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    Keep 'em coming Terror! Love the work you did with the Amsterdam PxP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nookriot View Post
    Keep 'em coming Terror! Love the work you did with the Amsterdam PxP!

    Thanks, for sure will!

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    Some amazing work!

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