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Thread: Many improvements still needed but looking positive!!!

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    Lightbulb Many improvements still needed but looking positive!!!

    Ive been addicted to rct since rollercoaster tycoon 2, then 3 and arguably one of the biggest fans of this franchise. rct 3 came along with good ideas but the game didn't perform too well with big busy parks and had too many restrictions.

    I think the best ideas to put into the next rct is making it as stable and creative as possible were even the small minor things can have a huge impact on the park. here are a few of my suggestions:

    1: better rollercoaster track and placements.

    now ive heard the rumours the rollercoaster design engine is getting improved but i still felt it is important to point out that they need to improve the coaster creativity as i always felt restricted with the previous track pieces. for example its either a hard up track, hard down, 45 degrees diagonal with no inversions and felt very stiff when trying to make the coaster i desired.

    2: ride and scenery placement

    secondly this is equally important as id love to see improved ride and scenery placements instead of the grid system that's been previously used. this basically means how when adding new rides and attractions it can be placed facing different directions instead of just being rotated 90 degrees.

    3: path creativity

    on of the annoying things in rct 3 was how restricted the paths was. the paths were always one size, boring styles and 90 degrees straight, left or right. guests would always walk into each other and complain the park is crowded when there is another block of paths right beside them Basically id rather be able to use curved paths. also an improvement to the queues as they have been bland and boring previously and the guest just vanish onto the car of the ride.

    4: ride supports and structure

    This isn't very important but would definitely make custom rollercoasters look way more realistic if the support for track pieces were real unlike the still, skinny pipe used before

    5: better underground look

    i doubt a lot of people done this but in rct 3 i for some reason really enjoyed making rollercoasters go underground, in tunnels and having underground pathways. (strange but just me ) id like if it was customizable the way you control the lights and how the terrain looks also rather then just looking like dry wood. this was customizable in rct 1 and 2 but not 3

    6: in game date and time

    this absolutely has to be changed as the date and time in rct 3 was terrible. also a good idea would be having a change of weather and seasons according to the dates which effect amount of guests aswell.

    7: performance over quality and graphics

    now obviously everyone will be using different machines some faster and smoother then others but generally i think its more important to make sure that you can create as many rides and attractions as you want without the lag and stutter. this happened often in sandbox mode on rct 3 which made me stop playing it often. if it means the graphics not being as sharp as it could be then i dont mind.

    8: more themes
    9: more space in sandbox mode

    Ive seen the new screenshots which look good but still looks a bit restricted and almost the same as rct 3 with minor improvements so hopefully they make more changes before the release

    I would rather they take there time making this one perfect and bring it out late this year or even next year then rushing this and making it to similar to rct 3 that came out 10 years ago

    if you agree/disagree, any thing i missed out or any more suggestions then comment thx

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    Not that i don't agree with the other points... but the following stood out to me most

    3: path creativity
    6: in game date and time
    7: performance over quality and graphics
    8: more themes
    9: more space in sandbox mode

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